Art Director & Designer


Critical Mass




Seneca College

Of Applied Arts & Technology


2005 - 2008

Graphic Design

3 Year Diploma

Developed and furthered my understanding of design from the Fundamentals of Typography to a matured understanding of how to bend the rules of design. This is where I learned the inner workings of branding, wayfinding and packaging the fundamentals of design while discovering my passion and finding the beauty in all designs.

Sheridan College

Institute of Technology and

Advanced Learning


2004 - 2005

Art Fundamentals

1 year certificate

Gained knowledge in the Institute of Art, a base knowledge that is irreplaceable. I was emerged into life drawing on a daily basis. Gained the fundamental knowledge of color theory and enjoyed seeing a work of art come to life from a brush stroke or seeing it emerge from clay. Also had the pleasure of experiencing environmental art.

Critical Mass

2011 - Present


As the lead designer working on one of the top financial institutions,

I was in charge of allocating and managing a third party vendor to build a section of the site that gives customers tools to achieve their financial goals. Among creating global products that are used across all lines of business as well as working alongside other team members to produce internal business systems.

Organic Inc.


Freelance UX Designer

Creating Interactive Flash Banners, re-sizing and correcting assets for BofA, Chrysler and Dodge.


Technology is ever-changing and we and our roles need to adapt and evolve as well. As a UX Designer for years, my focus has not only been in design, but having experience in information architecture and being in charge of gathering business requirements. This full 360 degree view of the project creation from beginning to end enables myself to think past the final design and really push the creation of the final product far beyond its common solution, in order to develop its own unique voice and persona. Whether it’s a travel site for a business or a defense system to a banking application when you tackle any project from multiple perspectives, you allow yourself to see problems and solutions that would otherwise go unnoticed without this insight.



2008 - 2011

Intermediate UX Designer

Engaging in requirements and gathering with Client and Team to produce wireframes, composites and interaction design for such clients as Alliance Pipeline, BofA, Gatorade, Jumeriah, Microsoft, DNC, RNC, RBC and Travelport. Proof of concept for Deuctha Bank, Humana, M&T Bank and many more. Design consultant for EDS on American Airlines.

Entro Communications


Designer Intern

Developing presentations, floor-planning/signage placement, drawing signage, signage idea development, research and archiving.